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Dog mating services

How to find a mating partner for your dog pet? If you are worried about identifying a female for my pet in India, you can depend on Sai Pets. We make the entire process easy, and you no longer have to make endless searches to find a mating partner for your dog. Sai Pets is a highly reliable online portal that offers the best assistance for all those people who are struggling to find people who offer dog mating in India. How to find a perfect match for my dog? We offer the best solution to this question.

Dog with KCI

To get best of breed and to show your dog in KCI dog shows KCI registration is needed. If you are buying a KCI registered dog it means that you will get a KCI registration certificate from the breeder. KCI makes sure that the breed is up to the mark and at the time of whelping a KCI representative may also visit the breeder, to ensure maintenance of breed standards.

Dog without KCI

A Dog with either or both parents unregistered is not normally registrable. If, however, the dog is a good specimen of the breed, it may be produced before a person authorized by the INKC for such certification. Alternatively, clear photographs of the dog, including one in standing posture in profile may be submitted, with height at shoulder and weight of dog and signature of owners at the back. In either case, the dog must be over 6 months of age. The Registration Certificate, if issued, would show the parent’s as UNKNOWN. Such a dog will not have a pedigree and cannot be referred to as a pedigree dog.